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I will Install and Setup a Self-host Bulk eMail Sender/Autoresponder for you to cut 99.5% of your eMail Marketing Cost

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I will Install and Setup a Self-host Bulk eMail Sender/Autoresponder for you to cut 99.5% of your eMail Marketing Cost

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Stop spending too much on email marketing…

If you want to send 10,000 emails now, tell me how much can you spend to achieve that?

From my experience, I know it will cost you up to N72,400 to send 10,000 email from one or more of those popular Autorespondant companies that we all know.

You will agree with me that that is way TOO MUSH to spend.

Okey, let say that you only have 1,000 emails to send, that will be about N7,240. (However some of those companies may allow you send for free but with some strong conditions attached) Isn't better to give up on email marketing and probably use Facebook or Google?

Now imagine being able to;
  •  Send 10,000 emails at ridiculously low price of N362 at any time of the day,
  •  Get it delivered straight into your Client Inbox,
  •  Upload 10s of thousands of your email list without restriction,
  •  Setup unlimited Autorespondants,
  •  No payment of mandatory monthly fee,
  •  Track all actions of you clients,
  •  Segment your list,
  •  Handling Bounces, complaints & unsubscribes,
  •  Create Custom fields for subscriptions,
  •  Single or double opt-in,
  •  Send almost unlimited emails with attachments,
  •  Ready-to-use subscription form,
  •  Beautiful reports,
  •  Send email in beautiful HTML formats,
  • And many more...

    Will you love to have it? Of course you would.

Look at the price margin:

For 10,000 email:
N72,400 - N362 = N72,038.
You would be saving N72,038 for each 10,000 eMails you sent.

For 1,000 email:
N7,240 - N36.2 = N7,203.8.
You would be saving N7,203.8 for each 1,000 eMails you sent.

My job is to install and enable you to send nearly unlimited emails from your very own self hosted bulk email sender/Autorespondant at unbelievable low price, and make you a massive savings of 99.5% (You will be spending only 0.5% of you current eMail Marketing campaign budget).
  • Get your freedom back and enjoy your business.
  • Stop working for those Autorespondant companies and start enjoying the fruit of your labor.
  • Please Stop wasting money and start making more money.
  • Stop sending money to those Autorespondant companies and start investing your savings.
Why you should trust me on this?

My Name is Malik, full name AbdulMalik Saidu. I am the CEO of CyParks Technologies Limited owners of CyParks.Com (Check me out on Facebook to know more about me;

We at CyParks, we handle more than 2 Million email subscribers. We can’t possibly say we are cost efficient if we use one of those Auoresponder companies’ services for our email campaigns.

So we host our very own, and that is what I am about to do for you. Install, and setup your very own Bulk email sender/Autoresponder so that you can maximize your income and be free from worry of spending so much.

If you got to this page through a link I sent to you via email, then be rest assured that my mail got to you via our Self-hosted eMail Sender/Autorespondant.

Dear Friend, I deeply care about your entrepreneurial effort, I hate it when a hard working individual like you is spending more than he supposed to earn. I hate it when a struggling entrepreneur is being exploited by the so called big companies. That is why am making his proposal to you. So take advantage of it before is too late.

I would install the eMail Sender/Autorespondant on your existing website or on a new website.

I can get you a domain name that will relate to your existing by simply adding a suffix (mail) in front the domain.

For example, if "" is your existing website, then, the eMail sender will be install on a domain name that looks like this: "" and the email addresses will be like, etc and or you can still send email using your existing domain name “” or any other domain you like.
Remember, you will drastically reduce your cost to 99.5% on email marketing.

This service is backed with 100% money back guaranty through CyParks and is one-time payment no recurrence.

Order now and get it done for you in no time.

To our success.

Guaranty/Refund Policy for this Product

This product is backed by CyParks' 100% Money Back Guaranty. Find below the terms for this Guaranty and Refund Policy.
  1. This product is guaranty for 30 Days. This means that before the end of 30 days from the day you receive this product, you have the right to ask for a refund if it doesn't meet the specifications as described by the Consultant, and your money will be refund back to you if you and the Consultant have not come to an amicable resolution.
  2. Please note that you (the Client) will have to escalate your demand to CyParks if you and the Consultant are not able to resolve the issue. Also you would have to state your reason(s).
  3. Your request for refund will not be accepted after 30 days from the day you receive the product.  

Please Note this Guaranty and Refund Policy is only valid if the Client that pay for this product Through CyParks.

Return Policy Return Policy
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