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CyParks Help Center


Sending Messages.
Sending a message can be done through one of the following processes:

  1. From Product/Service detail page: You will see the “Send a Private Massage to this User” button.
    Clicking on it will open a ‘message compose page’ with the Product or Service name in the Subject field (Note that you  can change the subject before sending the message).
  2. From the User’s Profile page. You will see the “Send a Private Message to  this User” button.
    Clicking on it will open a message compose page, you can then fill in the Subject and write the message and send.
  3. From “My Message” Page ‘Inbox’: You can reply to any message that was sent to you when you open the message.

    When the reply button is clicked, the compose message page  will open with the subject that was sent to you embedded in the subject field. Note that you can always change the subject before sending the message.

How to know if your sent messages  have been read by the receiver.
Simply go to “Sent Message”; any read message will be indicated "Read", likewise the unread messages will be indicate as "Unread".

How to know  which messages you have read in your inbox.
Simply go to your ‘inbox’. The subject of any unread message appear in blue color, while read messages will be in gray color.

Also the number of the unread message will be indicated at the top of the page under the inbox page.

Help Contains

1. Registration

2. Log in
3. Forgotten Password
4. My Account
5. Messages

      A. Sending Messages.
      B. How to know if your sent                           messages have been read by                    receiver.
       C. How to know which  messages
           you have read in your inbox.

6. Posting A Listing
  Step 1Product/service info
  Step 2.  Upload Product/Service's

  Step 3.  Preview
7 .  Buying on CyParks

      A.  How to Buy Stuffs on CyParks                   Through CyParks
      B. Buying Directly from Seller or                      seller's Affiliate
8. How to sell on CyParks
      A.  Selling Through CyParks!
      B.  Selling directly.


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CyParks is an eCommerce Marketplace for Digital Products and Online Services. It is where Internet Marketers and anyone who enjoys doing business online connect and do business worldwide.

We sell Digital Products and Online Services created by people that are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. From simple "How to" eBooks, Videos, Audios to advance Academic research.

CyParks delivers high quality digital products to our customers worldwide, produce by awesome people, through awesome people.

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