About CyParks Email Services

Welcome to CyParks Email Services, a subsidiary of CyParks Technologies, where we specialize in providing inbox-focused email marketing tools that empower internet marketers to boost engagement and drive business growth. Our commitment to delivering exceptional email marketing solutions is backed by a rich array of features and a mission to make your marketing efforts more efficient and cost-effective.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At CyParks Email Services, we understand the significance of email marketing in today’s digital landscape. We’ve meticulously crafted our platform to provide a wealth of features that cater to your marketing needs.

Great Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our advanced analytics tools. Our detailed reports allow you to dive deep into the performance of your campaigns. Track opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and even the geographical location of your subscribers through intuitive charts and graphs.

User-Friendly Interface

We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve designed our platform with simplicity in mind. Our user-friendly interface allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your core business – while we take care of the technical aspects of email marketing.

Unlimited Subscribers

With CyParks Email Services, you have the freedom to opt-in limitless subscribers. Say goodbye to the limitations of your subscriber lists. Our streamlined list management tools make it effortless to collect custom data and segment your audience for more targeted campaigns.


Automation is key to maintaining consistent and effective communication with your subscribers. Our platform enables you to set up autoresponders and drip campaigns, ensuring that you automatically follow up with your audience, nurturing your leads and enhancing customer engagement.

x10 Cheaper and Better

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in marketing. CyParks Email Services offers a solution that is not only more affordable but also yields better results. You can save your hard-earned money without compromising on the quality of service. We are proud to be 10 times cheaper than many competitors in the industry while maintaining high deliverability rates.

High Rate Deliverability

Your emails are only effective if they reach your subscribers’ inboxes. That’s why we take proactive measures to avoid practices that could lead to complaints and low deliverability rates. With CyParks Email Services, you can trust that your messages will have a high likelihood of reaching their intended destination.

At CyParks Email Services, our passion for helping you succeed in the world of email marketing drives us forward. We’re committed to providing you with the tools and expertise you need to engage your audience, nurture leads, and achieve remarkable results. Join us on this journey, and let’s take your email marketing to new heights together.

Discover the difference with CyParks Email Services – where simplicity, affordability, and excellence meet.